Tax Receipts: A Simple Guide for Business Owners

What Types of Tax Receipts should you keep? When you own a small business, you want to get every possible deduction on your taxes.  Without tax receipts, the maximum amount you can claim is $300. That’s why it’s important to keep a tax receipt for every expense, such as: Travel If you travel for work and are away from home overnight, you may be able to claim your travel expenses.…  Read more

5 Apps for Tracking Small Business Expenses

Did you know that 50% of small business expenses are generated on the go? It’s no wonder the majority of expense receipts end up shoved in coat pockets or an old shoebox. In spite of all of the high-tech options out there, 47% of small businesses are still using spreadsheets for expense management, leaving room for errors that could really hurt their bottom line come tax time. Why not take…  Read more

Worthwhile Expenses for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is often about getting the most value out of your resources. That means spending only on the necessities, and nothing more. Unfortunately, things you consider to be a waste of your capital may actually be what your start-up needs to survive. Some of them are expensive, especially for a new company, but they’re worthwhile. Data Analysis Successful entrepreneurs are usually well informed. They don’t make decisions solely…  Read more

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