The top 10 Cities for Business Start-ups

Whether you are thinking of launching a small, local business or a global enterprise, finding a city that is friendly toward entrepreneurs is important. You want a city that is culturally supportive of business owners, in a region or country that makes things easy for you from a financial perspective. You also want to be in a place where it is easy to attract and retain good talent, and where you can network with a lot of other business owners and share resources. Here are ten worldwide cities where starting a business is less difficult than in other parts of the world, for a variety of reasons.

Sydney (Australia)

Australia was impacted by the global financial crisis far less than Western countries in the Northern hemisphere, and thanks to a mining boom, is pretty prosperous right now. Australia’s government is very supportive of new businesses and you will find support easy to come by if you are able to legitimately start a company in Sydney. This is a trendy, dynamic city where there are a lot of talented people and a great business culture, so you essentially have everything you need!

Dallas (USA)

Texas has a lower cost of living than many US states, but in Dallas or Fort Worth you can also find a lot of great talent and a thriving business community. Trading with Mexico and South America is easy from here, but you also have all of the advantages of being in a wealthy US state.

Birmingham (England)

England is a great place to start a business because while it has a fairly large cost of living and taxes are high, it is also a country that supports entrepreneurialism and there are a lot of benefits business owners can take advantage of. If London is too expensive, consider Birmingham – it is right in the middle of the country and easily commutable from both London and Manchester, but offers a far lower cost of living. As the second biggest city in England population wise, there is also a wealth of talent here.

Atlanta (USA)

Atlanta, Georgia is a city that is experiencing something of a business renaissance. The government here is doing everything it can to attract businesses and start-ups, and there is a good academic grounding that can offer you some quality staff. The cost of living is reasonably low for a North American city, and the city itself is comfortable and easy to get office space in.

Toronto (Canada)

Canada is a very fair country to start a business in in terms of taxation and government support. Toronto is a major city with a large, educated population that can offer you excellent staff and plenty of prospects in terms of local clients.

Auckland (New Zealand)

Auckland is not the official capital of New Zealand, but from a social and commercial perspective it is New Zealand’s most important city. It is very sophisticated and cosmopolitan, and you will find a lot of great potential employees here, however because of New Zealand’s remote location globally, the government is very focused on what the country can do on the world stage and is very supportive of entrepreneurs.

Portland, Oregon (USA)

Oregon is known for its low taxes, and Portland for its friendliness towards small, ethical businesses. If you want to start an enterprise that is based around natural products, or is appealing to the ‘hipster’ community as a whole, then Portland is the ideal place. The culture in this city is very supportive of the ‘little guy’, and loves anyone who offers an alternative to big brands.

Frankfurt (Germany)

Frankfurt is viewed as one of the financial capitals of the world, and so if your business idea relates to the finance industry this is a great place to be. A very professional and business-like city that also offers plenty of amenities, Frankfurt is the perfect place to set up for a lot of firms.

Cardiff (Wales)

Cardiff is one of the most up and coming cities in Europe. While Wales on the whole isn’t really known as a business country on the world stage, this cosmopolitan and fashionable city offer a lot of benefits to the small business owner, and there are lots of talented people studying and living in the city who could help you achieve your goals.

Utrecht (Netherlands)

Amsterdam is a popular choice for European start-ups, but Utrecht, which is a short commute from the capital, is cheaper and still offers all of the commercial benefits of one of Europe’s leading economies. It is set to grow significantly over the next decade.

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